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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

I just turned 25 and can not wait to cast off. I live in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay and have been on the water my whole life and about 6 months ago I bought my first sailboat, a 1978 mac 22. Since then I have been sailing it every chance I get, done a few overnight trips, and the more that I am on the boat, the more I just want to keep going and not turn back for the dock. I chose not to get a $20,000 car. I choose not to eat out every other night. I chose not to buy that $40,000 truck. I do not have direct tv. I chose not to get that $170,000 house. I bought a 1989 honda civic for $100 and put several of my own hours of work into it, not too long ago I took it from VA to Keywest. I bought a 1999 pickup. I bought a 700 square foot house that was about to fall down for $20,000 , $20,000 later i have a home that is beautiful and I owe about $30,000 on it now. I work full time and so does my GF. What I am trying to say is I am a young person that chose not to go to college and get that huge debt to work my whole life and have things that will not matter in 20 years. I made my own choices, and didnt do what I thought society thought I should do, and I am a lot more happy than many of the people I know my age, and I have less, not because I have to BUT because I choose to. In 2 more years I plan to buy the cruising boat that I want ( a project boat 30ish foot) and make it what I want, keeping it simple, and living my life, not tied down. and not having to work till I am 70 to pay for my house. I do not make a lot of money BUT i dont have an i pod, smartphone, playstation, 70 in tv, paved driveway, brand new lawnmore, heatpump, direct tv, or a 2005 car that I will have to pay on for 3 more years. what I do have is beautiful sunsets, captain morgan and pepsi, a car that gets me where I want to go, and a house that keeps me dry.
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