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Re: 2011 Global Regatta

Sweet! I'll lay it out and we'll see what we've got. As for your questions - answers in red below...

Originally Posted by ccriders View Post
I am bumping this thread based on a reply to the angst thread.

Okay Mr. Daddy:

Do these work?:
A -- CC Light Fl 4s 17ft 5M
N27* 47411'
B Southeast of A 3 M @ 135T (there used to be a beacon here but it has been removed.)
C North of B 1.5 M @355T There are several ranges, lights and bouys associated with the ship channel in the vicinity, but nothing proximate to this point.)

I still have some questions.
Why any direction? Most of the time sailing this course anticlockwise will be the slowest, toughest way to go, but will require one to develop the skill to beat into a 20 gusting to 28+ knot wind with three to four foot chop. There would be no pure downwind spinnaker run. If it is only about time and not developing sailing skills, then run it clockwise with a spinnaker and surf your way home, no big deal.

Is a better course one that has not direct up or down wind leg? What is the best course configuration to test one's total sailing capabilities?

Don't think of this as a normal race. It's the downest and dirtiest form of racing there is. It's simply about who can do the fastest lap...period. Every single one of us have exactly the same distance, and exactly the same opportunity to pick our best day.

You obviously want to lay out your course to take advantage of your prevailing conditions (as much as obstacles and/or traffic will allow). But those conditions always change. Some days you'll have perfect conditions for the course, but you can't go out - or you screw something up or break something during your run. It's up to you to pick the day that's perfect, then sail like a banshee. That's what everyone else is doing.

It's not about "tough" (windward/leeward, etc.) or technical - it's purely about fast.

Do your classes factor sail inventory?

No. At this point you can use any sail you want - including a spinnaker...or even The Whomper. If non-spin boats (like me) are losing all the time, they just need to figure out how to keep up.

We may split it someday, but for now it's all in.

Why two chart positions only determined by a GPS? Doesn't that foster unsafe sailing practice? How can you maintain "situational awareness" with your eyes glued to the GPS? Also, how do you see the damned thing wearing trifocals? Sprayed with salt water?

It's impossible for everyone in the world to have 3 physical marks in their body of water in a perfect 5 mile (or 10 mile) triangle. Using GPS coords ensures we're all racing the same distance course. And the GPS coords gives you a great deal of flexibility in how you lay out your triangle.

Also, because only Global Regatta racers know the course is there, it gives it all an underground, FightClub feel. Which is cool.

It's not hard to use the GPS marks while racing. I use my iPhone and just glance at it as I go to make sure my line is good. And I always race with at least one other person so one can drive and one can navigate. But other guys race singlehanded.

So these are all problems you have to solve.

What about obstacles like gas rigs? Is it better to chart a course that keeps them out of the routes?

Making sure your course is safe is your responsibility. We just check the distance. You obviously don't want to run into stuff, or run aground, or run through a ship channel, etc. - and you don't want anyone else who runs the course to do that either. So just use common sense.

We are lucky here. There is an infinity of possibilites.
You're right. It's a hell of a lot of fun.

So let's race!

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