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Re: Offshore Checklist

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
I had a look at your check list and found it a bit over the top,


Trysail rigged w/ sheets/ready stowed but ready as it always isI would like to have and try a trisail. If I had to guess the vast majority of offshore cruisers don't carry one these days. The Pardeys and others make a great case for one however. All who use them say you want to have a dedicated track on the mast
Storm jib rigged w/ sheets and ready much the same issue. With furling headsails, your storm jib is going to be an ATN. Rigged with sheets? I dunno how you do that. This is a sailing offshore list, not a prep for heavy wx once offshore list, right?stowed but ready as it always is
Floorboards screwed down Not screwed but secureI agree secure is probably the standard. Goes for battery boxes and everything else on the boat. Watch those crash test dummy boat vids on youtube
Life raft up on deck and secured stowed but ready as it always isI think there is a good case to be made that your life raft ought to be stored off-deck. that is a different discussion. Mine is currently on deck, but I may move it so it is more easily accessible from the cockpit, less vulnerable to boarding waves and "where I want it when I need it"
Ditch bag stocked (see separate list) just inside hatch stowed in its usual place and ready as it always is
Pail on deck Bucket with fishing gear in cockpitdon't understand this?
Jacklines checked and ready This is a given
Everything secured down below This is a given but stuff still moves
Sea anchor accessible, rigged, and ready stowed but ready as it always isAgain, this is the Pardeys' territory. Make sure you know how to use that equipment if you have it high on your "go to" list ICE
Solar panels on mount and plugged in If its not permanent it shouldn't be hereEvereything on deck has to be secure and in a place where it won't be a liability to the security of the boat and rig . . . doger, bimini, panels, jugs of fuel, dinghy, extra ground tackle, etc
All hatches/ports closed and tight Givenadd duck tape where sheets can engage hatches - tape down hawse pipes etc
Emergency porthole boards accessible and ready If you have themadd have a second set of companionway boards or something to suffice as a second set - on my "to do" list
Companionway boards in Why ?
Companionway cloth on stowed but ready as it always is
Lee cloth on Given
Normal on-deck stuff up (print charts, food, coffee, GPS, harness, jacket, water, food, clothes, raingear, binocs., etc.) Don't you have a cabin not sure what is offshore about this? I have a "go bag" that has all the sailing stuff that comes to the cockpit whenever I move. Charts I make extra effort to protect offshore
*see separate list*
Batteries on "HOUSE" only. ??
Manual pump check, handles accessible As it always should be
Winch handles up
Elec. pump check
Water check
Fuel check
Rigging check
Anchor stowed leave it where it belongs on the bow but lashedI don't take my anchor off the bow - when I need it, I want it there. I don't even lash it down until I am safely offshore
RIB deflated and stowed
dinks dictate where they go - unfortunate reality

I'd add check your spares list; do what your boat requires to manage through hulls and potential syphons; check batteries for ditch bag and emergency items; float plan / notify ICE contact; it seems like there is a lot more, but I tend to work from trip specific lists. Overall, I don't think your list is over the top, but maybe focused a little differently than I would. That's a little sloppy, but most of my comments are in blue above. -) Matt
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