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Re: Stay out of Georgia

Originally Posted by cupper3 View Post
It is clear you don't like Harper or any Conservative. I couldn't stand Chretien or any Liberal. BUT, I do give credit where credit is due, and Chretien did a lot fiscally that Harper is benefiting from. Actually, if truth be known, Chretien executed on Mulroney's foundation, NAFTA and the GST. But he did execute on it, so I do give credit for that.

I hated his social policies, especially the gun registry.

Well, that is your opinion. I have no problem with our security forces learning from others. Although there are issues I have with individual police forces in the States, let's not call all of them goons, because they are not.

Actually, the RCMP Act currently severely restricts the commissioner, and he is lobbying for changes. I see that as a positive.

It's about time we stopped the catch and release program we have had in Canada. That will require prison space. Our hug a thug feel good program clearly has not worked, and I don't want those miscreants out in our general population.

I truly stand up and applaud that move. Any small time 'activist' group with a fly up their butt could and did avail themselves of the court challenges program. It was misused and abused by those 'social activist' and borderline environmental groups. What a waste of taxpayers money! If a situation is important to a group, it can find the money.

How do I know? Because I was involved in such a court case that ended up in the Supreme Court... the gun registration bill. We lost, but we also raised the funds from firearm owners because it was a cause they could get behind. It was important to them.

So, waaa, waaaa, waaa for those groups crying about the cancellation. If it is important, people will support you. If not, sucks to be you.

I am still mixed on the Northern Gateway. I believe Enbridge has clearly done a good job on mitigation of any potential problems with shipping in the Douglas channel.

I have concerns about stream crossings, and they have not convinced me on that yet.

Your projection of the 'inevitable oil coat etc' is not valid in my opinion, based on what I know the mitigation efforts are. Don't forget, there are currently ships transporting volatile fluids that go there, and have for decades. As far as I am aware, there has never been a problem, and for most of the time those were single hull vessels. Correct me if I am wrong.

Oh, you mean Omar Khadr, whose terrorist family includes a father who was Bin Laden's bag man, and a mother and sister who praised Omar's terrorist activities on TV? May Omar rot in Gitmo until he is an old man. I knew right from wrong at 15, so don't give me the BS Omar the Terrorist didn't.

That poor baby! Sorry, but I can not understand how anyone can find sympathy for that creep. You seem to forget that many Canadian boys lied about their age to join the army in WWI and WWII. Lots joined at 15. And served their country.

Now Omar the Terrorist is an innocent child? Please, give it a break!

And the US is enforcing Canadian law on US soil by the same agreement. Come on Brent, it is an issue of that arises only in the name of 'hot pursuit'.

That same agreement resulted in the capture of the murderer of the three armored car employees here in Edmonton that occurred last month. No extradition required. I kind of like that effect.

Sorry, you will have to advise what you are referring to, as I don't know.

You mean he is enforcing the anti-terrorist laws passed by the Liberal governments? Don't like them? Lobby to have them removed. I did on the gun registry. I appeared before the Justice Committee twice, I lobbied both Liberal and Conservative cabinet ministers and I was heavily involved with the Supreme Court challenge. It took 15 years to overturn that law. What are YOU doing about opposing the anti-terrorist law if you don't like it?

We are probably 'stuck' l Harper for at least another 6.5 years. The NDP will not win the next election, and the Liberals don't have a hope in hell.

After that, all bets are off. Inevitably, some scandal will hit the Conservatives, they will get complacent, or they will invoke 'entitlement' like the Liberals did. My guess is the NDP will fade back into third place, and commonsense Liberals will rise, and perhaps have a legitimate crack at government.

But not next election.
Getting rid of the gun registry was Harpers one useful function in life. Now that it is gone, he has nothing left to to offer his main base of support, rural Canada.( whos votes count for far more than urban votes). He is puting the boots to them in other ways.
I had no use for Liberals, after that extreme right wing move( Thou shalt eat only corporate food)
The goon tactics were well descibe in the Pensylvania incident, common in US law enforcment policies, and tactics.
US right wing Republicans, in Texas have warned Harper that the "throw the biggest portion of your population in history, in prison" has been an abysmal failure. Scadinavian countries have the lowest per capita prison population, and a much lower crime rate.
Now only an individiual who is filthy rich, and has a fly up his butt, can get constitutional rulings.A Supreme court judge said the Canadian legal sytem has lost all credibility, as a mechanism for resolving disputes, for anyone but the super rich.
While I was on the executive of the attorney general's riding association, I caught a cop lying in court. No way I, nor anyone else, could get him charged. Head poncho told me there is nothing illegal about a mountie lying in colurt.
Read about Enbridges latest screwup, in Michegan? They kept pumping oil into a broken line for 17 hours after they had been told it was broken. The kept pumping oil thru it for 5 years after they had found out it was cracked. And we should trust them with the entire northern BC coast? One US judge called them "Keystone cops."
When they extradited Marc Emory, they refused to charge him under Canadian law on Canadian soil, because they had utter contempt for laws passed in Canada by the duly elected Canadian government, so imposed laws passed by a foreign govenment, on a Canadian on Canadian soil, clearly a case of contempt of court. How would politics in your beloved US react to such a move?.
Liberals are dead for the forseeable future. Conservatives have had scandal after scandal, for the last few years.( $29,000 for two nights in a hotel , $23,000 for three in Istanbul, a $16 glass of orange juice, electoral fraud, Miltary helicopter rides at tax payers expense for a fishing trip, the list goes on). They have consistently been far behind the NDP in opinion polls,for several months now, and things are not about to get better for them. The NDP will win the next federal election.
Apologies for getting off topic, but when Cupper started putting out this stuff, I couldnt let this false drivel go unchallenged.
We get far too much disinformation from the far right.

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