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Re: Final Dinghy Choice - does this make sense?

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
Yes that does help! Me likey..... Me likey very much.....

So the rope goes from the masthead block becket (spliced I presume) down the the block in the photo, then back up to the pulley part of the block at the masthead and then back down to the deck yes?

Is the ratcheting block you speak of the one on the masthead crane or the one at deck level?

Since it's all external, how to you keep it from banging against the mast?

I've never used a ratcheting block myself. Do they make it possible to hoist a wet person aboard with only 2:1 purchase without taking it to a winch?

The ratchet is at deck level...

The halyard goes back inside the mast a few feet below the masthead crane, and exits again a few feet above above the deck... keeping the rest stowed - as pictured - outboard, away from the mast, there's no halyard slapping to contend with...

A ratchet won't increase your purchase, it only helps control any tendency towards "slippage"... Really handy when you're doing something such as lowering a tender overboard, singlehanded... Whether a 2:1 will hoist a "wet person" would depend on the size of said person, I suppose - it will enable me to hoist the only other person I routinely sail with that I care about bringing back aboard, however... (grin)

Just in case, I'd recommend having a 5:1 or 6:1 purchase, extendable to 6 feet or so, pre-rigged with snap shackles or asymetric hooks always at the ready for such eventualities, every boat should have one, IMHO...

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