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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

I haven't posted much, been concentrating on working my way though every thread. This one personally resonates so here I go ...

My four brothers and I practically grew up on our Grampion, we lived minutes away from the town dock in Lindenhurst, NY. Full time Mom who grew up sailing in the UK and my Dad, an A&P mechanic with BOAC at Kennedy, was a Brooklyn boy whose father always had boats he'd keep at Howard Beach.

DH and I are in our late 40's with two boys, 14 & 15. We survived losing my husband's business a few years back - the economy was not kind to small businesses that served other small businesses - and I chose to leave a really good paying job as a corporate executive chef to become the world's most overqualified (C.I.A. grad) school lunch lady in order to be home more with the boys as they hit their teenage years. We are close to Naptown and the cost of living around here isn't the cheapest but we live carefully and frugally with no debt except for our mortgage but money is still tight, we struggle to not dip into let alone contribute to our meager savings to just get thorough each month but we are managing, happy and content with where things are.

Even with no real disposable income I've started pushing hard lately to get back into sailing for a couple of reasons:
1. I don't want to wake up next to my husband one morning and realize we have nothing to talk about after spending years concentrating on just barely keeping things together for the family
2. I want something the four of us can enjoy together as the boys get older
3. I cannot wait to see the them securely launched and independent, sell all our **** and take off to wander the earth having adventures; I suffer from seriously growing wanderlust. DH has never sailed before but cautiously agrees the idea is doable (I have no doubts) and thinks it sounds like a hoot
4. I've always had a thing for pirates
5. Duh ... we live close to Naptown

Coming up with a couple of large to take formal lessons isn't going to happen but we did take the 15 week CGA course over the last winter. The guys have always been heavy into scouting and have hooked up with the local Sea Scouts. It's a small, not very active ship but the couple of dads involved are awesome. We scored a couple of Groupons for half day intros at the Annapolis Sailing School and I'm about to pull the trigger on a family membership at Annapolis Community sailing - we got out a few weeks ago on their free-sail day and had a blast. My oldest is a STEM HS student and is doing his two week summer bridge program with the NSHF's Learning Math & Science Through Sailing Initiative program.

Anyway, that's where we stand as far as getting out on the water

Reckon I was the one taking this pic:

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