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Originally Posted by Geoff54 View Post
We do seem to be illustrating Chef's point about social vs sailing. Hopefully there is room for both.
At the risk of provoking those who believe that anybody who owns a sailboat, even if she's just permanently parked in their slip or driveway, or believes that somebody who's simply vaguely aware of what a sailboat is ("That's one of those funny-looking boats with sheets hung all over it, right?") qualifies the individual as a "sailor": Yeah: Much of this thread is probably rather demonstrating his point, I imagine.

Personally: I spend time on sailing-related sites primarily to learn things about sailing and sailboats, and to share what useful things about sailing and sailboats I can. Stupidity and BS can hold my attention for only so long. The pointless blathering of dilettantes holds no interest for me whatsoever.

I cannot speak for c2s or any other the others who, if they haven't departed SN entirely, certainly spend far less time here than they used to, but I do know, from comments made to me by some of them, that, yes: Some of what's found in this thread provides an excellent example of why they've chosen to absent themselves.


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