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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Man, there seems to be a lot of negativity directed at the next upcoming generation. Sounds like a lot of bitter old men talking about how they raised themselves up by their bootstraps. I call ********. Many of you forget about help they got from a family member (interest free loan or gift) for that downpayment on that first fixer upper home....or the countless weekends that uncles/aunts/cousins that came over to help with home improvement projects or moving. have lost touch with reality, IMHO (and I'm likely closer to your age than these millenials).

What I believe is happening is a shift that happened in Japan a decade or so ago. Young people there have stopped buying cars, stopped getting married, stopped having kids...and you know why? Despite their best efforts to work and get ahead, they *CANNOT* get ahead. The dream has passed them over. The system is stacked against them...with elderly and older workers secure with pensions and beneficiaries of lifetime employment policies (because they vote in larger #'s). So the younger people do what any rational person does....they live within their means, cut back to the bone, dont get married (freedom to jump at that next opportunity..not settling down), dont have kids (expensive) and hope and pray for better days ahead. Its a lost generation...many of them are absolutely empty/dead inside because they have no wife or husband or children for support as their parents die off. Its really quiet, angry, despair...and that is the future you members of Baby Boom have handed off to your kids for the good times you squandered.

Look at the union concessions we've seen in Detroit and elsewhere...creating 2 tier systems protecting older workers and their rights/benefits, at the cost of younger workers. I see the same across the any rational person would expect the same results!

You old codgers should worry about this, who is going to buy your boat when you're ready to sell? Deflation is a spiral that is VERY tough to pull out of.

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