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Re: Rigging up an A-sail

At 19k displacement shes a heavy beast, and very tender. Shell go over 25 to 30 degrees without much thought or provocation at all. Given that, we had the sail maker (Doyle) come out and look at the boat, do some research, and come up with a custom designed pair of sails. The main has a large roach to help get us moving in light air, the jib is a #2 cut like a #1. A 155 would start to over power the boat, as a rough guess, in about 7 or 8 knots of air. We start to get overpowered in 12 knots with the 135 and need to bring the jib cars back a touch to twist off the leech, spill a little air. By 15 knots we have to take in a bit of jib and/or stick a reef in the main, 18 knots for sure we are reducing sails, both of them.

Having a 155 out there then, on a roller furl, wed have it furled in to 135 or less much of the time, creating a bag-o-sail out there on the forestay, which would (and does) limit our pointing ability. It would, however, be great on a light air reach or downwind run, and this is where the a-sail comes in. The 135 fits the conditions for a little better than half of the time we are on the water, racing or not, but we could use something to fill the gap when the winds drop below 8 knots.

My tactician has been racing for the past 4 decades, the mere mention of putting a symmetrical on causes him to go pale. Of course, Im sure much of it has to do with us being a rookie crew, but still, if hes unnerved by it

The boat was originally billed as a racer/cruiser, were talking Ted Irwin after all. Why it didnt come with a third halyard baffles me some. The goal isnt so much to turn it into a flat out race boat, but to a make it a reasonably fast, easy to handle, cruiser that can be somewhat competitive in the local beer can circuit with similar boats.

The Bay-Mac race starts this weekend and weve been frantically trying to get in touch with that sister ship. At this point we dont know if shes racing or not, but she makes berth in Port Huron, where the race starts. Thought we would drive up and watch the start and combine that with a look-see at the other Irwin.

Appreciate the links for the sprit and mast hardware, wasnt having much luck finding them on my own.
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