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Re: Stay out of Georgia

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Sakatchewan tried Conservatisim and ended up 14 billion dollars in debt.The public purse was pillaged by the"Devine" Conservatives, as was the federal purse, by the Mulroney Conservatives( read "Greed Crime and Corruption" by Linda McQuaig)
You do know that the Saskatchewan Party is right wing, don't you? And that it is in power in Saskatchewan? And that since it has come to power, Saskatchewan has had the best performance out of all Canadian provinces, including Alberta?

They had to clean up from the NDP socialist first though. The PC government you were referring to has been out how long? Over 20 years... talk about dragging up things from the past!

Emory assumed that being on Canadian soil, Canadian laws would apply, not treasonous foreign intrusions. He assumed contempt of court was illegal here. He simply had more respect for the legal industry here, than was justified.
Emory maybe should have had a better lawyer to advise him of where he was going wrong. He flaunted the law... I have no sympathy for that pot head.

Why are people happy to accept science which makes their life easier while rejecting science that makes their faith or beliefs more difficult?

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