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Re: Seasick & Singlehanding

Originally Posted by blowinstink View Post
You start the sturgeron before you leave? How long do you continue with the patch - the entire voyage?

I had never experienced active seasickness (I have occasionally had short term nausia but no vomitting) until recently on a 36hr singlehanded run. I became ill about 20 hours in and remained sick for the remainder of the trip. That was pretty disconcerting - and exhausting. It is definitely an issue I'll have to address before heading out singlehanded again. I wish I had been out long enough to know whether it would have resolved itself - obviously the biggest concern is not the discomfort or even the temproary incapacity, but thee prospect that the condition worsens and becomes a significant medical crisis.
I left the patch on for three days. Didnt need it after that. The beauty of stugeron is it wears off gradually , and you can then decide if you still need it,before you get too ill to keep them down.
Yes, I take it before heading offshore, but another advantage is they only take a couple of hours to start taking effect.
Mythbusters did a test on severlal seasick remedies. They found the only consistent one, which improved things for everyone, was ginger.
An advantage of patches is you can't vomit them out, so they can be put on while one is seasick. Takes 12 hours for them to kick in, unfortunately.
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