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Re: Stay out of Georgia

I just read some interesting statistics in the latest issue of Sail magazine. Annual boating deaths in the US, 768. Sailboat deaths, 28.
There are no inspections of homebuilt boats in Canada, nor are they justified. Failures of such are so rare as to be a non issue.
Back in the 80s the govt wanted the Canadian Coast guard to do law enforcement. They Said ""No Way. We are here to save lives. If we become big brother, people will put off calling us til the last minute, and people will die as a result. "One of them told me "If they try make cops out of us, we will be out on the picket line immediately." They asked the Mounties if they would do more marine law enforcement.The mounties said "Give us the money and we will put more cars and cops on the road. There are serial killers , child abusers, armed robbers and rapists to catch. No way we should be wasting scarce resources looking up some boat's **** pipe, while victims keep dying"
The Coast guard, being unionized,won, but the mounties lost.
Do I have a problem with government squandering money on harassment of boaters, who cause no problem to anyone, and are minding our own business, while serious criminals are allowed to be free, due to overecrowded courts, and the resulting unreasonable delays? Damned right I do!
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