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Re: S2 9.2c - for liveaboard - thoughts?

Originally Posted by cupper3 View Post
This model S2 is on my short list, and it looks like you found a good one.

Is that storage rack it rests on custom made? The pad supports do not look moveable, and if not custom, are the pads resting on bulkheads?

The mousefur looks in amazing condition. One thing your going have to contend with as a liveaboard, especially if your staying in the same area, is condensation. Why would it be worse? Cooking has an enormous impact, and the BC conditions especially in winter will cause higher condensation.

But for that comment, get the thing surveyed. It looks like the real deal.
Not sure which storage racks you're speaking of. From what I've seen of other S2 (pictures only) this looks mostly stock layout, with added "mousefur?". We went to see it right after it had rained pretty heavily. I brought up the issue of the bilge because (forgot to mention) there was a bit of water under the floor, forward of the compression post. The bilge doesn't seem to get deep till pretty near the engine room. I was a little concerned that the water hadn't drained into the bilge. The water was fresh, and the owner had mentioned that he'd spilled some fresh water while installing new hoses on the fresh water tank in the v-berth. Just not sure why the water hadn't made it to the bilge.

Originally Posted by kd3pc View Post
IMHO a bit overpriced (early to mid 80's in the mid atlantic $14-20K) for a boat this age needing at a minimum some toilet work, but I did not see the actual boat, YMMV

I (just me) lived aboard a cal 25, then a cal 29 for a couple of years early on, that being said the S2 is laid out quite well for you, if you have a SO, though...may get a bit crowded at times, unless you are quite used to each other and small space living.

I would want to know more about the "why" of holding tank gone, flooring redone, compression post repair (who, what and why?), water heater not in "service", etc

I did ask about all of those things. Water heater died years back (sprung a leak from the rad) and they just never needed it. All the connections are still there, but have bypassed the heater.
The holding tank.. I've no idea. I don't know if they were installed stock or not. I can't think of anywhere for them to go. The thru-hulls for the head seem to be stock. I saw no evidence of any work being done on them. If there was, it was very good work.
The compression post I asked about, but didn't think to press it. The owner said that the original support (2x4) was just old and had started to bow down. He brought in some house jacks to support the mast, ripped out the entire sub-floor and rebuilt it all after installing a heavier duty support. The whole place is carpeted now (I don't approve technically, but it sure is comfy) so I didn't tear up everything. The floor is made of epoxy drowned solid oak. The head-liner between the mast and compression post was not removeable so I couldn't check for stress cracks inside. Outside though everything looks tip top. No evidence of any work around the mast base unless the entire deck was repainted.
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