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Re: I had a great sail today.

Sometimes the best day sailing is when you stay home. Saturday night I was really looking forward the the race on our lake. I got home from work thinking I would change and take the wife and we would go race. Instead I found her with several bags and soil and mulch toiling in the landscape around our pool. I said "I guess you don't want to go racing tonight". Her reply "I will if you want to" let me know real quick that she really meant "if you want any boom-boom you better get your ass to work speading that mulch" I did. Just about the time the race started at 7pm, we were finishing up and having a beer. I was smiling to myself about how nice the beds looked...and the boom-boom thing, when she mentioned a very ominous cloud rising up over the house across the street. I thought about all my friends out on the lake (we live only 600 feet from the shoreline) and hoped they would be ok. Within 10 minutes the wind was howling. the storm lasted about 15 minutes and things calmed down to just a nice summer rain shower. During those brief minutes, all hell broke loose on the fleet. No boats were lost but many ended up with things stretched, sprung, bent and broken. My buddy called me and said during the peak of the storm the wind was blowing 35 and gusting to 50mph. He sails an Eleven Metre One Design and does not carry a motor so he just kept sailing for control. He told me at one point he was surfing under main and jib and hit 20 kts. I've been on his boat under spinnaker and seen 20kts, but never would have believed under main and jib alone. All's well that ends well. We'll go for it again Wednesday. Oh...and the boom-boom ;-)
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