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Re: nautical language rant

Originally Posted by jsnaulty View Post
smackdaddy - I don't care if you don't think you and the people you sail with should learn what the thingy on the front is or if you give detailed instructions in how to crank wenches on boats. feel free. read my biography if you think I've never been on a racing sailboat with 20 lines. I think the most lines I've encountered were probably found on Decoursey Fales 'nina', a staysail schooner- god knows how many lines she had, and every one of them had a name, and it was important to know them. But I guess I never had a 'BFS' like you.

steve naulty
Jeez, someone's a little snippy. Look, I have no idea who you are, and I'll take your word on your biography.

Regardless, as I said above, I think you're being too picky. You posited - I parried.

If I'm on your boat - fine. Rant on. You have every right to expect whatever you want to expect. But your post was more about what's happening on Sailnet. And this ain't your boat. It's a place where all kinds of people talk about sailing. And not everyone knows everything - but that certainly doesn't mean they should feel intimidated about talking about sailing, asking questions about terminology, etc. due to cranky salty dudes ranting (especially about freakin' spelling). Just offer them the correct term. From what I've seen, newbs usually don't get bent out of shape about that kind of thing - at least not enough to start a rant thread about it.

Just sayin'.

(Oh and congrats on the America's Cup thing. That's pretty damn cool.)

PS - if you've really been sailing for 62 years with all that racing thrown in and you haven't had a "BFS like me"'re definitely doing it wrong. Heh-heh.

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