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Re: nautical language rant

I have a better solution. Everybody on my boat should just think *exactly* like me, and do everything as perfectly and flawlessly as I do. Then, I won't even have to worry about barking orders in the proper vernacular, they will just always do the right thing without being told. Does everyone agree?

Tongue out of cheek now....I think this all depends on with whom you are sailing. A wordsmith, author, or aspiring (or is it aspirating?) sailor may warrant more proper word usage. A person wondering if they're going to be late picking up junior at soccer practice after this silly boat ride thingy, probably won't tolerate many corrections, and just want to pull whichever damn string gets them back to their Honda the quickest.

People will easily sort themselves out. I personally think that learning proper terminology, and using it correctly, is the mark of professionalism, or in the case of hobby sailing, dedication to excellence. If someone is not so dedicated, or is content to strive for mediocrity, then its not worth correcting them, and that's perfectly ok. If they want to learn, that will be apparent.

Good thread in any case.

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