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Re: Pad eyes for tethers and jacklines

Thanks for giving the idea some thought, and for the reply.
I take your points about the 4 vs 2 fasteners spreading the load, and the 90-degree load. In thinking over your points, it seems that both those features of a padeye seem to address the same issue--that of sideways pull.
It still leaves me wondering whether the benefit is worth the cost. Ultimately, assuming the hardware itself is strong enough, the padeye's resistance to torque protects the substrate it's bolted to--i.e. the cockpit material--from damage due to a forceful pull from a heavy fall. But with an appropriately-sized backing plate, (given nuts/washers/plate on the top/front of the unit as well) would that kind of shock load would lead to seperation from the boat any more than the same backing plate under a proper padeye?
If not, then would the likelyhood of cracked FRP if you fell overboard warrant the expense of a padeye vs a properly-sized u-bolt?
John V.
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