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Originally Posted by Cruisingdad:900722
I am curious what kind of crew you get when they have to bring all their own food and beer, etc. Its hard to get someone that knows what the heck they are doing and is willing to consistently take the time to race with you. We have designated places on the boat that we perfect and each person runs. That makes them really good at it. Missing a person can really create a big hole not easily filled.

I am no expert on racing. I do it, enjoy it (especially distance races), but it requires a bit of committment. If the capt doesn't even care enough to supply beer and food (however meager... part of the reason I help stock is I can only eat so damn many sandwhiches after a day or two at sea), I wonder where he is placing in the race???

If you take your racing seriously, take your crew seriously. If its just a beer fest and you couldn't care less, well, tell them its a joy sail and to bring their own booze. I am not saying we race quite that serious, we have fun, but Jaysus H... I mean, all the beers for when you get there anyways. If you are drinkin underway, you ain't racing (right). How damn much beer can 5-6 guys drink after the last buoy? Well, nevermind that last comment. The basic point remains though (snicker).

Moderator or (snicker) otherwise; you end up with a crew dedicated to the boat, not to the beer and feed bag. It's a small part of the issue. If you're suggesting that the best sailors do it for the beer, you're way off the mark. They do it for the skipper, however way he-she manages. I'm appalled that a moderator would even suggest such idiocy.
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