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Re: My Boat was Hit Bad

You have been given lots of advise, which all seems good. Unfortunately everyone is avoiding another issue. My wife is a practicing clinical psychologist, and I have spent more nights than I care to remember in emergency rooms. What follows is hard won experience.
Your home was invaded and smashed. Fortunately by someone willing to take responsibility for his actions, but your home, your precious space was invaded. Not just your home space, but your personal space was violated. Your space, and you, have been violated. That is a four letter word.
If you are not really angry about it, you will be, and should be. The literature is replete with articles showing that when one's home is invaded, there is a sense that one's persona has been violated.
Every time you have to deal with the situation you will be reminded of the injury to your property, and also to you, and the knife will be twisted in your wound.
Therefore get a personal representative to take the matter off your hands and deal with it so you do not have to have your face rubbed in having been violated at every turn. In this day and age that means a lawyer. One who will represent you fairly, without being vindictive. If you are vindictive, you will not feel good about yourself. So demand what is appropriate for you, not a jot less, and not a jot more.
You are entitled to be made whole again. That does not mean camping out in miserable living circumstances while some idiot debates whether they will use widgets or wadgets to repair the wangedo. That means being treated like the lady you so obviously are.
Please practice in front of a mirror drawing yourself up to your full imperial height, looking down your nose at the *** before you and declaiming "There are some questions a GENTLEMAN never asks a LADY." Instruct your lawyer to interject , if an answer is demanded, "Oh, so now we have established you are not a gentleman." Quietly.
If you are not angry, you should be. Anger requires some physical release. Go out and crew on every possible beer can race series. (Anybody out there ready to help a fellow sailor?) And talk talk talk to all your friends about the accident. Talk brings release.
And finally, and probably most importantly, although I do not know you, from you postings I have a sense of the sort of person you are. You are obviously real quality. I would be pleasured to know you, and honored to call you friend. I hope others will join me in this.
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