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Exclamation Re: how to drop a mast on a soling?

The advice I gave for lowering a mast only applies to the soling. The mast of a soling is relatively light, about 55 to 70 pounds at the most. The person on the back deck of the soling with arms outstretched comes into contact with the mast at about 12 feet up from the base of the mast and by the time that person is at the back of the boat they are probably at no more than the mid-point of the mast. Some of the weight is being carried by the base of the mast resting against the deck and the back of the mast base extrusion. The rest of the weight is being held up somewhat by the person holding on to the main halyard at the front of the boat. The weight that person is carrying, as in vertical force in the upward direction is very minor because of the angle of the halyard to the mast.

Whereas, the leverage of the weight of the mast that is beyond the mid-point being held up by the person on the rear deck feels much heavier than its actual weight because the weight of the mast is leveraged because of the angle of the mast relative to the deck. It's a bit like holding the base of the fishing rod with a 30 pound fish on the end of the line. The fish actually feels heavier than it is. In fact, in the case of the soling mast, it is probably near the limit of what a strong, athletic person can handle.

This technique should not be used for even a moderately heavy mast. Even a 90 pound mast that stood 30 feet above the deck would be impossible to hold up. The leverage on the middle person would be too great likely leading to a catastrophic failure when the person holding the mast could no longer support the weight beyond the mid-point of the mast, plus the weight of the mast between that person's hands held over his head and where the base of the mast is positioned.

In short DO NOT TRY this MAST LOWERING TECHNIQUE with any heavier or longer mast. Someone could get seriously injured or killed.

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