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Re: Nicro Day-Night 2000 solar vent repair

For those of you that might be contemplating repairing a Nicro Solar Vent per Danny's information, above, heed his words about caution. I attempted to remove the cap of the plastic covering the Solar Panel as shown in his Photo. In so doing however, I cracked one of the Pie-Shaped panels and discovered that the wire connecting the panels to the motor had been broken--likely by me in my efforts. Finding a replacement solar panel of the right voltage and amperage to run the motor and charge a 1.2 v battery that fits into the available space is a serious pain in the neck.

I did find a replacement motor at a local hobby center that fit the available space in the motor housing and will run on .5 or more volts and I did find a solar panel that generates the necessary voltage but it does need direct sunlight to get the motor spinning as the amperage is too low with even modest shading to start the motor.

Done properly, however, Danny's repair will resurrect the vent--which in our case is the only one that will fit the available space in the overhead hatch without goofing up the handle.

FWIW I used Silicon to re-close the top of the assembly so that it can easily be opened again in the future for subsequent repairs and a better solar panel if I can find one.

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