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Re: Living Aboard Cheap- Dreamers read!

My path is a bit different I'd say.
though #1 from the alternatives available.

When I was a child I got interested in spirituality,
and through my teenage years I saught gnosis or enlightenment.
After seven years of studying, meditating, and balancing life at 19,
I became spiritually illuminated, reconnected with my soul memories.

Since then I've recalled many of my past-lives, many of which were tied to water and wind.
I realized that the advent of working for someone used to go by different names in the past,
slaves, servents, serfs, and nowadays are called "employees" fancy :-o.
Needless to say, I decided to retire at the ripe old age of 19 and 3/4's.

Matthew 7:7 kjv
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"
Aye me hearties, the luckiest of bible verses. the root of the magi.

I asked, for a stable income, an residence, near hills, pond river
and life partner with much detail to her characteristics and mannerisms,
within a year or two, it was granted. Aye, much appreciation and love.

And no, obviously I didn't have to work for it lol,
simply listen to my spirit guide and act on what suggested.

I have a 0-debt policy, and always pay my bills on time,
with plenty of savings, cash silver, gold, gems.

Eat healthy, fresh produce and whole staples,
slowcooked in cast iron, for extra longevity,
have a fast every other day or so.

Me partner, she even better than I expected, her father has a boat, and pirate paraphenlia.
In me past lives among others was a viking, varangian rus, dutch merchant pirate, english pirate.
Now with socialist "government handouts", and regulations, piracy is a frivolous livelihood.
However living on a boat has become quite accessible to ordinary people.

In the few hundred years I was away from the human species,
much has changed, in terms of sailplan, boat design, and communication.
so have been taking it slow, incrementally learning more.
Last year got my white sail III a dinghy certification,
and built a concrete dinghy prototype,
this spring built a barrel catamaran prototype,
in a week am going for keelboat basic cruising certification,
following a week afterward getting VHF radio certified.

Plan for next year is to join sailing club with co-op option,
and get experience crewing and skippering keelboat yachts.
In 2014 shall get a good hard dinghy sailboat, probably Walker Bay 10.
And 2015-2016 get ourselves a full keelboat, and start living on it.

Plan is to go engineless, and have a nice wood rocket furnace,
so can make pottery and ash onboard while cooking food :-D.

In terms of income for when we go world cruising,
passive income streams are best as Rich people can tell you.
So maintaining a blog (pays for hosting), writing book,
making music, have a small live biological culture (ferments) business.

Walker Bay 10, as we have a young one planned soon,
homeschooling of course, and when they come of age,
can get their own boat(s) and family.

At some point we may have the apartment and the boat,
who knows, maybe even a prolonged period of time..
Since we have 4 pets, 2 rabbits and 2 cats,
though maybe can give some away,
to our intentional community friends.
If we do move onto a boat full time,
we could easily afford a fairly large one,
with lots of extra money for maintenance,
then again we could get some shore side property,
if we find we have a lot of excess money.

Hmmm ya, life at the poverty line,
is better than that of a king,
unlimited free time,
and you do what you want,
cause a pirate be free ;-).

Ya har meitiz?! magic, oh yea, sweet elixer of life.

PCP I like your avatar of the eye painted on the boat,
it used to be a common practice amongst animist pagans,
since we realized they were living beings just like any other.
Am planning on animating me boats also :-).

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