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Resealing and rebedding cabin windows/ports with Butyl tape

I used 3m marine silicone sealant to seal the first window I redid and it worked alright. After seeing how fragile the silicone is once its cured I was worried that one big wave or flex in the hull would break the seal.

So I figured I would try it out with butyl tape on the next one and here is how it went.

The first step is to remove the screws from the inside cover.

Unfortunately, half of the screws were stuck and would not come out. In the process of trying everything to remove them I completely stripped them out. Good thing I have a dremel. I cut a new head into the screw so that a flathead screwdriver would remove them

The cover then just pops off

With the pressure off of the window frame it will be easier to get a putty knife in between it and the cabin top. Cut the sealant around the frame and carefully wiggle the frame away from the cabin but be careful the p26 has tempered glass windows and they will break!

I then scraped any silicone, gunk and paint off of the cabin sides.

The old seal was pretty gross. These windows were leaking in hard rains so it was time for replacing.

Once the frame is removed from the cabin the glass can be removed from the frame. To do this there are four screws holding the two piece frame together.

Remove those screws and the window comes apart.

The inside of the frame is gross!

After that I removed the old seal

Then I cleaned the glass and it was gross!

Once the frame and glass are clean, they can be reinstalled. I am using Butyl tape, which I definitely recommend over silicone. Super easy to work with. I cleaned all of the surfaces with acetone before placing the butyl tape on them.

Once its wrapped around I squeezed it to fit around the window

When the butyl tape is wrapped and formed to the glass I removed the wax paper from the butyl tape and placed it into the frame.

The butyl squeezes out once the frame is squeezed together and after I screwed the frame back together, a razor blade easily cleans the butyl up.

I wrapped the butyl around the frame, both on the outer flange and the inner frame that rests against the cabin top.

I wrapped the tape onto the cabin top.

Squeeze the tape around the opening

Slide the window in and Screw the inside piece of the window back in!

Once the window is screwed in cut away the excess tape.

All done!

Its been a couple weeks now and the windows do not leak a drop. I will now seal everything I can find with this stuff. Its great!

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