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Re: Let's talk about anchors some more

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
The problem I see with the Mantus people is they are trying to tell me that a boat my size should use 1/4 inch chain and I know from actual experience I can seperate the links on a 1/4 inch chain with not much force. It's dog chain. How can I belive any thing else they say when right off the bat there putting me in a perilous situation.
Ok, I am one of those people from Mantus Anchors.... , The name is Greg. Chain working load and ultimate breaking strength are not hypothetical math calculations and lab tests but very conservative recommendations (with lots of margin) based on extensive testing and accepted in industry without reservation. So if BBB 1/4 inch chain (not high tense) has 1300 working load, ultimate breaking strength is 3900 lbs. For you under sail to come even close to this thrust, you would need roughly an equivalent of 100hp engine, so no your mainsail would not do it in 20 knots of wind.... Its possible that you had rusted out or otherwise damaged chain, but chain maintenance is part of what you called "seamanship".
1/4 inch chain on a 9000 lbs boat is perfectly reasonable and is inline with industry recommendations. Nothing wrong with going with bigger chain, it just hurt so bad when you say you can't trust us because we recommend that you use "DOG CHAIN". Even after having a drink I still couldn't let it go.

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