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I'm assuming that you have a 12V system, and that you want to use four 6-volt batteries for the house bank.

Essentially, you make two 12-volt batteries by connecting two batteries in series (positive to negative). THEN, you connect the two 12-volt batteries in parallel (positive to positive).


1. Connect the first battery's positive pole to the second battery's negative pole. This will give you 12 volts, measured between the two unconnected poles.

2. Do exactly the same thing with the third and fourth batteries. Now, you have two 12-volt battery banks, each consisting of two 6-volt batteries in series.

3. Now, connect these two banks in PARALLEL, by connecting positive to positive, negative to negative. You now have one large 12-volt bank consisting of four 6-volt batteries in series/parallel.

This combined bank will have twice the capacity in AH of each individual bank. If you're using golf cart batteries with a nominal 20-hour rate of 220AH, then you will have a 440AH house battery bank.

If you have any doubts or uncertainties about this, ask a knowledgeable friend.

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