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Re: Let's talk about anchors some more

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
No offense, sorry to hurt feelings. A couple of points A. What is the force created by a 4 foot rolling wave in 40 knot's of wind while trying to sail out of a tight spot on a 9000 lb boat, when all the forces hit at that horrible perfect moment of impact?. 2. 1/4 doesn't have the weight to lessen the pull on the anchor. I can't say what quality chain the coast guard replaced my heavy chain with only that it was new and 1/4 inch. 3. When droppin in a hury, emergancy under way and out of control, the light anchor and chain won't sink quick enough. and how often do you recomend changing out the chain, " in rust we trust" corrosion happens and I want my 4 year old chain to still have plenty of strength even with a little wear, not be at it's threshold. I'm sure the mantus is a neat an innovative anchor and perfect for normal conditions for hand raising. But conditions go from normal to extreme when we least expect it. If there is a windless on board, than why use light, dainty, sensitve, just good enough most of the time, gear?
Apology accepted! as far as you points go...

I have no argument with your PERSONAL choice of gear nor your personal opinions on what is safe.

But in an emergency you want an anchor that sets right away and all the time... CQR is not really known for that. In a situation when you want you heavier chain bc it hypothetically "sinks faster", do you have the time to practice seamanship to set your CQR?

Take a look at this video:

Anchor Purveyor
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