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Re: sailing braless!

This is a discussion I've had with my wife several times. As a man, I personally don't see the point of wearing a bra unless you have large and pendulous breasts that require support. I would think that "manageable size girls" would simply do fine swinging at the tune of your pace. I also don't see the point of breast implants for most women either. But hey, it is a man's opinion only and I feel the same with the "junk down below free ranging".

We are not shy or are hung up on nudity taboos and such. We have raised our kids the same way as well, yet pointing the differences between hang ups/taboos and perverts. They go to the beach with us all the time and see from full nudity to topless and don't think anything of it for a single second whether is us as parents or anyone else around. Yet, as the boys they are, if they see a naked mannequin in a store they make comments and giggle. Kind of cute actually.

I think most people that sail are on the older third of age (50+ years) as it is not a cheap hobby most 23 y.o. can pick up. Due to generational and age related customs, it would be harder to see women topless, braless, etc. Then again, when we have been in nude beaches around the world, the most common population is the older third!!

I had a friend that sailed a lot solo. He would do passages for days alone. He was extremely shy and had tons of issues with nudity and such. Yet, he would tell me how the most comfortable way to sail, especially on rough seas was nude. He claimed that it allowed him not to get trapped in salty clothing all the time while on deck. He claims he is not any more careful because of "swinging equipment" than he would be if he wore clothing then. I see his point, but not literally LOL...............
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