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Re: Westerbeke 30B Deceleration Stumble/Stalling

Okay, the decel stumble problem was solved by replacing two governor springs and a fuel rod (governor linkage to IP rack). I think the culprit was actually just one spring that was weak. It was an idle speed set spring. It sets the throttle (IP rack) linkage to idle rpm when throttle is in neutral and when engine is not running. Doing this job on this engine is a nightmare because the governor is built into the front engine cover and it has to be removed. (As opposed being able to remove just the governor.)

Now there's a NEW PROBLEM that didn't exist before the IP and injectors were rebuilt. The engine fails to achieve WOT 3600 rpm under load as it always did before. Now it's like 2800 rpm, a 22% loss in power. As with the previous problem, everything we could think of was done to rule out various other causes before pulling the IP and taking it back to the rebuilder for retesting on his IP machine. It checks out as delivering fuel volume per spec. The IP is a Denso PFR3 #094500-4510 11S. Per rebuilder the replacement Elements used are Denso# 36 090150-4280

Seems to me that the IP is not delivering enough fuel at WOT -- engine seems fuel starved. The IP rack moves to its max throw -- my mechanic disconnected linkage rod to governor and operated the rack by hand for load testing. Also, a test was done with fresh fuel in jug piped directly to IP (using a external small lift pump and inline filter) and a new return line back to the jug -- thus, my boat's fuel system was totally eliminated. The boat bottom is clean and visible saildrive prop in excellent condition.

The engine has 700 hours. It starts easily and runs fine. There's no smoke of any kind and no oil sheen on water by the exhaust. Oil pressure and engine temperature are normal. There's no air filter (only a visible screen) and no air cut off.

I'm a a dead end here. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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