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Re: racing rules question narrow channel

I completed the tack in clean air and was accelerting in clean air . At which point he got the overlap on my stern. As I accelerated he caught me up further, then we were quite parallel but on the same tack and course but I was about 1 metre in front. I asked for room. When he refused my bow touched the first reed and I slowly started my tack (tacking with this big heavy open dinghy is slow!). At which point he stood up and pushed my boat into the reeds and made his tack off the momentum the push gave him.

The alterantive of falling away was risky because I would've sailed half-wind towards the oncoming boat (hard rudder would've been necessry to fall away from the lead position) I was sailing lone an he was with a partner. The dinghy has a 2 sails. Falling away and accelerating towards the other boat and the reed island to starboard and not knowing whether I'd still have the room to tack after he had sailed passed was not an attractive option. Too many unknowns.
However tacking the only problem was that he'd have to give me room and I had the right to tack.

The judgement of the "commitee"essentially says I had no right to tack, despite having the room to tack easily, and had to fall away.

I cannot believe a normal commitee would come to such a decision based on the ituation confirmed by the witness.

I simply saw it as a question of which reed island is it best to sail towards, quickly towards the reed island to starboard, risking a collision with the right of way boat and risking getting stuck in the reeds at speed. Or tacking towards the reed island to port which I might even be able to avoid as the island was ending. If I was on the other boat I would've expected the lead boat to tack and I would've duly given room.

I try to stay away from this sailor as much as possible when on the water as he is so reckless - then hides behind his reputation as a national sailing referee.
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