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Re: Can You Buy Safety?

I would agree on that but most sailors see stink pots as a conveyance between service stations. Mount the big speaker system to take away all the peace and quiet and you have a hearing hazard...
The reality of Homeland Security (first brought up by Clinton) is that under Bush the 4 out of 10 first hired were not able to later clear screening because of past criminal back grounds.
Sailboats in this area of San Francisco have reported that the CG/homeland security only want to look at their heads or how it is they discharged. Fines can exceed the worth of the boat depending on how it is plumbed.
In my opinion it's not so much about safety as revenue stream to maintain all those craft they bought in the post 9/11 splurge. Homeland security not only changed the directive of the Coasties but has both feet in flood insurance (FEMA) and other BIG agencies that have little to do with boating.
Of course this thread is on the subject of 'safety' unless you count PTSD of being boarded, or your flood insurance suddenly becomes mandatory and they charge you 2300 a year extra on your mortgage insurance.

My two bits centers on alcohol culture that has thrown up all over boating culture.
"Drowning appears to be the overwhelming cause of death associated with recreational aquatic activity with alcohol detected in the blood in 30%–70% of persons who drown while involved in this activity. The few relevant studies on degree of increased risk suggest persons with a blood alcohol level of 0.10 g/100 ml have about 10 times the risk of death associated with recreational boating compared with persons who have not been drinking, but that even small amounts of alcohol can increase this risk. The population attributable risk seems to be in the range of about 10%–30%. (from the National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health).
The problem has been noted by eye witness accounts that alcohol for reasons unknown and in even small amounts can cause some subjects to swim downward thinking it is up.
Research is sketchy because it results in death. Where the subject lives there is no reason to give an account.
Alcohol and a safe passage are less than bosom buddies...
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