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Re: Crew Wanted 5+ days MD to Cape Cod Aug 2nd

We got hit pretty good coming down the Delaware about 10 miles from the Atlantic Fri PM.

Since the bay is so shallow there it was very uncomfortable.
It was amazing how on a modified full keel ketch of good size could bounce around so much.
I'm pretty sure we were all a little green.
We got hit again Monday night Tues morning off the coast of MA.

The wind was not too bad maxing out at about 32 and steady at 25. The seas were by my estimate about 6-10 foot long rollers but not breaking. We had only about 4 feet of jib out.
While on a broad reach we were doing 7+ knots the waves hitting the boat at the stern at an angle.
We then turned left toward the preferred England and slowed down to 3 knots max. The waves coming from the port side forward of the beam threatened to wash over the boat but other than infrequent spray never did.

I've been in lots worse as we never had green water coming over the boat. What surprised me was how hard it was to steer and how hard it was to stay behind the wheel.
The boat motion was violent. Severe rolling from side to side.
Major wheel work to both sides to control the course.
On other trips I had been able to anticipate the waves and give it rudder to keep the boat straight then let the rudder center then repeat.
That trick would only work about half the time on this trip.
You would fight to keep it from rounding up for a few cycles then fight to keep it from falling off for a few cycles. Then for a few cycles you had to fight both sides in sequence.
The motion was so violent it took significant energy to not be physically flung around the cockpit and stay behind the wheel. In past trips you had to brace in one direction. In this trip the snap could be in any direction and and any amplitude. A port starboard snap could be PPPPPS or SSSSP or SPSPSPS or any combination.
That was new to me.

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