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Dragonfly 32

Hi Paulo,

You seem get on quite well! Iīm glad to hear youīre satisfied with your boat, it looks fantastic!

I havenīt posted in a while, Iīve been mostly away for more than a month now. Made one trip to Denmark to test sail the new Dragonfly 32, which Iīve posted about earlier. It was launched in late June. Here is a little video (Yep, thatīs me by the tiller!):

The boat is really nice, feels very big for a 32 footer. We had light winds during the test sail, around 8-10 knots of wind. We seemed to go as fast as the wind during the whole test sail. In a gust the wind increased to about 12-14 knots. Top speed of the day, during this gust, was over 13 knots.

As I said, itīs a big boat and also heavy for a trimaran. Around 3,400kg I think, and this requires a lot of sail. While reaching we used mainsail (57sqm) and code 0 (68sqm). You could really feel the raw power when the gust hit.

We sailed for about 1,5 hours, Jens from Dragonfly did most of the sail handling. The solution for the main sheet and track was a bit tricky, with both lines lead to the same winches. I would probably try to find another solution for this. Where I sail we have very shifty wind angles and need to sheet in/out a lot and also change sheet postition on the track. Otherwise there was not much to complain about. Of course the boat is not as lively as some lighter/less comfortable trimarans.

The interior is huge compared to other trimarans, about the same size as the Dragonfly 35 and a lot bigger than the Dragonfly 28. Very nice solutions, I would choose teak trim instead of maple though. Makes me think of cheap furniture from IKEA...

I havenīt yet had time to test sail my mothers new HR 310, but when I do I will write about it as well!


//Mr W
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