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Originally Posted by bb74 View Post
Congrats on the sled PCP. Looks like a nice hull shape overall for all point sailing. Glad to hear you finally found a boat for your travels and it sure beats the standard "plastic is fantastic" rigs from the majors.

Never sailed on one but have done a walk-around and looked to be nice. Inside it looks fairly small for a 40 but with 2 and the occasional friends, not a problem I imagine.

Enjoy yourself out there!
Thanks bb74,

I am still discovering the boat slowly since I am sailing only with my wife that for the first time is trying to learn something about sailing and I donít want to scare her off.

Yes the boat is a very good upwind boat (if we consider modern relatively beamy boats). It is not beamy for a modern 41ft (3.9m) and has nice fine entries. Two days ago to the despair of my wife (that got seasick) I had the opportunity to see how the boat performed close upwind: 20 to 25 headwinds, sea 4 with those nasty 1.5/2m short waves that come one after the other. I sailed all the time close winded (less than 30 apparent) and the boat was doing 5.5 on GPS against a strong current (maybe 6 or 6.5 over the water), without slamming.

In what regards my needs it come out with flying colors. I had a certain tendency to go against the wind, I never understood why, and I really wanted a boat that could do better than the Bavaria or that kind of mass production cruiser boats. They are overall good sailing boats except on these conditions. My Bavaria that had a big draft, top cruising sails and a performance rig would not make more than 3.0/3.5K on those conditions and slammed a lot. These boats have not just the power to cope with the conditions. I guess that was the reason that on that day and on that heading I was the only boat sailing.

Regarding space, well, in what regards the size of the saloon you are right. I would say this is a 4 person boats, with maybe more two kids, but the galley is big and the storage space is amazing. Just to give you an idea on the forward sail locker I have a storm jib and a 135% genoa plus 6 fenders. On the stern big locker I have more two fenders and a lot of spare space.

On the interior the storage space and the distribution of the weight is also very good. The battery bank is on the center of the boat, over the keel and on top of it has storage space and a seat and the two big water tanks are on the back of the boat leaving lots of storage space ahead. The chain locker has 75m of 10mm chain and is not full.


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