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Originally Posted by Bazcatana View Post
Hi petercheck,

I have read your thread and I bet you are interested in my top ten Cats and the 6 requirements for quick Cat sailing, thats why I am launching My 'What Cat not to buy and why

I asked the Architect what was in the original design and found they had cut the Dagger-boards in half and poss the rudders as well, loaded the weight up from 10 Ton to 12 Ton, reduced the sail area and generally messed up a very good Cat that cannot sail well anymore.

I wanted to expose people and Brokers like this to the budding Cat sailor who has a lot to learn about Cats and end up buying things that float, thats why it is called a boat, but it does not sail well because the production Cats do not have any of the 6 requirements I talk of.


All I want to do is give potential Cat buyers somewhere they can go to ask questions about potential Cat purchases they might make, before they make a mistake, like so many Cat owners who are disappointed with what they bought, for one reason or another.

Give me 2 weeks and I should be Online with my Website but, there is a small fee, but you said you did not thinks so, [ No that was me] I take it you don't thing buyers will pay $50 to find out what I know, we will see.

I am looking forward to helping cat buyers choose the correct boat before they buy.

Best regards

Barry Parkinson

I said I don't think so. The reason being as a non professional I assume you are going to have a on line pay by credit card details.

Will this site be secure and what are the chances it will be hacked un be known to you for a third party to have access to all your credit card details should anyone give their details.

2nd warning bells: You have not stated whether you have at least 4 endorsements from Multihull designers and have been reviewed by them, your formular to give credence to your claims.

3rd Warning Bells: How are you going to assure people and guarantee that you will not sell all the submitters credit card details to a third party, particularly on the internet with all the scams that are going on.

If you are in fact genuine and I appreciate what you are trying to do and whish you all the success possible to wish.

Have a suggestion for you which I think will help overcome the above reservations.

(1) approach some non profit organisations to see if they would agree to be in partnership. Hence you would give the submitters say four choices with hyperlinked loggos to donate to and they would receive a code to enter your web site once they had donated. The Charities would have have a separate space next to theirs in a high profile area. You would negotiate with them a % of the donation to be forwarded to you say every three months. The % would be in the vincinity of 20%. You don,t mention any amount on your web site. You may find if you can pull it off, [need to be a good salesman and professioal ] people will donate $1000, $1500, $2000, $4000 and a occassional $10,000 donation providing they where worthy causes.

Here are some hyperlinks to worthy causes,

The RSPB: Save the albatross: New Zealand

WWF New Zealand - Hector's and Maui's campaign

Little Spotted Kiwi - BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust

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