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Diesel Engine trouble-shooting

Hi guys,
I'm looking for some generic diesel engine trouble shooting. If you have experience with the Farymann K34, then all the better.

The back story is that my trusty engine stalled on my while exiting Port Dalhousie last weekend. I haven't had a chance to look at anything (almost anything) yet and want to use my time wisely trouble shooting.

- Leaving port, the engine struggled for a second or two, I looked down as the oil pressure suddenly dropped from its cold 60psi to 0psi. Both warning lights came on and the engine stalled.
- Later, i started the engine and ran it for 30 minutes. It sounded like it was labouring slightly (maybe only I would notice it) and came close to stalling.
- Upon arriving in Etobicoke, the I started the engine for less than 5 minutes to get me into the slip. Our green warning light came on and flickered... this is new, never seen it on before.
- My temperature gauge has not moved... either broken or the engine is not warm yet; Both are quite possible.

Trouble shooting steps
- Pull the fuel filter and check for grunge. Check the fuel for bacteria growth. (I have not done this yet)
- Look for water coming out of the exhaust.
- Check the cooling impeller to make sure it is free, clear and all fins are intact. (I did this yesterday. All looks well.)
- Check oil level. (I did this yesterday and it is at the full line with no outward signs of leaks on the engine.)

I'm not sure what the green warning light is. It's either charging light or temperature but I've never had cause to see where it might be connected.

What other steps should I take before I seek the advice from a professional?

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