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Spinnaker Rigging

Hi All,

I bought my Contessa last year and today is the first day I've pulled the spinnakers out of the bag for inspection. My goal for the summer is to get the boat rigged and have the spinnaker flying.

I have some questions about the spinnakers. My boat is rigged (almost) for flying symmetrical spinnakers so I have assumed that the spinnakers in the bag would also be symmetrical. It appears that at least one of the two was not purchased for my boat, It is, as far as I can tell symmetrical in shape but it is cut with an almost blade like head and does not have the "full belly" (sitting on my floor here anyway) that I would expect. Further, someone has eye-spliced a tackline to the one corner. The latter makes me suspect someone was using this kite previously as an asymmetric kite.
Q1) I've never flown or handled an asymmetric kite; Is it possible that this chute is actually asymmetric even though it is actually symmetrical in shape or is it simply improperly rigged?

Q2) The second sail is quite clearly a proper symmetrical spinnaker. Full belly, rounded shape and looks to be in fantastic condition - except for a few small holes near the head. Is there a proper and easy way to patch these holes or do I need to bring it to the loft?

Q3) I have spare 1/2" jib sheets on the boat and plan to use them, at least for testing. They are too heavy for such a light spinnaker but they will do for now. I've only ever used systems with lazy guys/sheets before... is there anything in particular that I should consider for testing this spinnaker without the lazy guys/sheets?

Q4) There is a leech-line in the "asymmetric" sail that has slipped back into the taped seam - only about an inch. Any tips on how to fish this back out without damaging the seam?

Q5) My sail number is #312. The spinnaker has #121 on it. Is there an easy way to remove the numbers? I may just remove a #1 and add a #3 if it's not easy.

I've already unseized the pole and it appears to be in good condition/size/strength. The uphaul is in good working order and the spinnaker halyard is also my spare halyard so it, too, is in good working order.

My only missing link is a downhaul. I need a turning block and to figure out how it gets routed back to the cockpit.

.... Hmmm, I may need some snatch blocks to move the sheet turning blocks until I find a good location... hmmm...
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