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Re: Nuclear s(n)ubs

Originally Posted by aaronwindward View Post
In my mind, I'd think everyone would be disturbed to see military intimidation in domestic waters, yet even in this thread, some people seem to support it.
Aaron, I understand and agree with the spirit of your post. But I do not agree that a sub making its way to sea without talking on the radio is an example of intimidation. It simply is not necessary to their mission. No fact presented in this thread has suggested that a hazard was created by the sub not engaging in a two-way conversation on the radio.

As for the conduct of U.S. warships in general, I can think of another example of a special mission with special rules: the way the President is moved around in his motorcade. I get to witness this periodically, and it's pretty clear that the only option available to a bystander is to stand back and watch the show, even though that man "works for us." I'm not going to get much communication from anyone in the long line of vehicles, and even a cop standing on the corner in support of this movement is not going to engage me in chit-chat.

I'd put the movement of a ballistic missile submarine in the same category as the movement of the President in terms of its focus on accomplishing a particular purpose without distraction or interference.
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