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Re: Need a hand, having issues finding a lift in Kemah

There are a few serious presumptions in your post. Ones that also allude to you not learning the lesson here that we should read before we reply.

I did find a shipper to move my boat from Texas to Seattle in the proper range. I did nearly everything you suggested within the ability I had to do so.

The issue was NOT with the truck company.

The issue was with the rinky dink, boat yard that was "not a boat yard proper", that had no equipment, no boat lift since theirs was ruined in Ike, and no idea how to get boats out of their yard. The issue was with the yard owner, who did not warn anyone that the neighbor had recently laid pvc sewer piping thus making a crane hard to manage as well; who did not reply to my desire to move my boat until he was threatened with litigation. The man who used his wife as a shield for liability, having her tell us where to put the crane so that when his neighbors new pipe was damaged he could claim he never told us to use that area and say his wife had no knowledge and anything she said was invalid as result. The man who has basically consigned the remaining boats in that yard to a slow sun beaten death, as he will not buy a new lift he says.

Now each boat owner in that yard is forced to evaluate if they want to hire the ONLY major crane company in Houston that will do boats (B&G Crane great guys, and trust me on them being the ONLY. We called every crane company in Houston), and then be forced to pay a Union Crew a full 8 hours (minimum job). For us that meant the 110 Ton Boom Truck and it came out to $3450.50

The issue was never with Winston Trucking Inc. who have been nothing but amazing. Who provided me with just about everything under the sun I could want. I have never dealt with, for one second, a broker for shipping. I deal directly with Winston Trucking, and talk to both dispatch and driver daily. I went through UShip, I did not take the lowest bid, I took the bid with the best feedback, best equipment, best history with larger sailboats and the best insurance.

The issue lies solely with the choice the former owner made in yard storage. He chose what amounted to someone's empty lot, far from backup boat lifts, where there was one and only one lift that a hurricane ruined. The issue lies solely in that yard.

Regardless. My Boat arrives in Seattle today.

Done is done. Painful as it was. The biggest issue was I could have done A LOT to my baby with $8000. That is 8 grand that won't see my boat primped and prettied, but rather just saw her moved.


PS- Summary of the Bullshat.

$3450.50- Crane company 8 hours
$3000.00- Damaged pipe hold to pay for damage caused by crane to pipe
$1500.00- Layover fees to the Truck Company. $250 a day x 6 days. 3 days our fault (booked crane too late, lost our spot), 3 days Crane Companies fault (crane issues had to bring in a fix from Louisiana; company reimbursing us $750)

So 7950.50 to get my boat on a get it off, blocked and then once done with the workyard into the water.....$224......yea I hate Texas.

And the Trucking Company, Winston Trucking Inc. charged $8600 for Texas to Seattle. They were not the lowest bid we had (that was $7000 from someone with 3 feedback) but they were the best rated, most feedback, with the best insurance.

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