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Liveaboard in MDR isn't cheap and most marinas there don't allow liveaboards. The average fees run about a G note plus a 50% liveaboard surcharge plus utilities per month. Overlooking the fact that most boaters don't want strangers pawing through their prized possession, all liveaboards must be preapproved and owners are subject to credit checks and an anal probe. The county has it's hands in the mix as well by strickly managing the 5% liveaboard allowance to the marinas. They've been seizing and towing unlicensed liveaboards over the past few years. In the years we lived in MDR, not once did I ever hear of a situation for what you're seeking. Squatters and sneekaboards are quickly reported as legitimate paying boat owners waiting for a liveaboard slip quickly report those that attempt to circumvent the proccess. The biggest issue for someone wanting to "rent", is that liveaboard slips are not transferable or subleasable, being given out to the documented owner of the boat only and they must be the only occupants. I remember seeing FISBO signs on boats stating "comes with liveaboard slip"; which was a complete line of crap as per the rules. The fact is that most marinas see liveaboards as a pain and expense and while taking their money surreptitiously seeking ways to be rid of them. Ultimately, a licensed liveaboard slip is a coveted thing amongst boat OWNERS in California being like the One Ring. Good luck in your endeavors but you'd be better off renting one of the many county owned apartments that infestate MDR.
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