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Most memorable waving incident trip

My most memorable waving incident was arriving in Ft Pierce Florida at 7am this spring after having crossed from Great Sale. Let me first say that I am generally of the karma view of waving - I pretty much give a nod or a wave anybody who comes close on the water. On a couple of occasions I have either appreciated or given more demonstrative greetings (after bad weather or to / from when headed clearly offshore). But that is another story . . ..

We arrived at the FT. Pierce sea bouy at about 6am on a Saturday and killed a bit of time waiting for the tide and a bit more light. The crew had taken a new seasickness pill when leaving Great Sale and we learned that it put her to sleep . . so I was pretty much exhausted from standing watch for the majority of the 20 hour trip. As we began heading for the inlet channel we noticed a couple of fishing boats outbound, and then a few more, and they just kept coming. We had never been to Ft Pierce so we just assumed it was "that sort of town". The fishing boats would make it to the 2nd or 3rd marker and leave the channel - sometimes with a big yell in our direction sometimes a wave from their beer can carrying fist (most were not really freindly waves but more along the lines of schools out - I'm outta here salutes). Anyway, entering Ft. Pierce, you run the marked channel until you get to a breakwater and a narrow protected channel - maybe 1/4 mile long. We expected that as we reach these confined waters, the traffic would slow down. Wrong. Not only did it increase in volume but they were flying. It soon became apparent that they were hold some sort of dash start fishing tournament and these guys were running at high speed, if not full throttle. At one point, in a channel that's maybe 75 yards wide, we counted 3 fishing boats to our starboard and 2 to port -- they were like gnats. There was no sense in trying to avoid them, I mostly just tried to maintain a constant course while also keeping the boat stable in the midst of all the wake and reflected wake in the channel but a couple crossed the bow at shallow angles within 30-50' at speed (passing within 10-15' feet or our beam)

Back to the waving. Obviously, there was next to no waving in the channel (perhaps a couple acknowledgments of the few guys who did back down when the approached us). But then a funny thing happened . . . we got to the CG base and the CG was sitting right there on the water essentially serving as a start line for these guys. Until the fishing boats reached the cutter, they were going no wake speed -- and as soon as they passed the cutter they all throttled up. Well, by the time we reached the cutter we were tired and pissed and had passed no less than 100 of these guys and we had to keep going. So now we are passing a procession of these same fishing boats - all putting along at 3knots or so.

And don't they ALL F'N wave at us! Now, like I said, I'll pretty much wave at / acknowledge anybody. But this was unreal - these guys (or as close to the same guys as someone can be without actually being the same guys) had just been somewhere between incredibly discourteous and an outright threat to our safety and now they were ******* WAVING AT US? To this day I am proud that despite being that tired, that pissed off, and that provoked, I didn't get in a fight with a drunken redneck fisherman at 7am.

That was the day I didn't wave.

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