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Re: Nuclear s(n)ubs

Keep in mind, you're talking about a submarine. Who exactly do you think is going to talk to you? The guy on the VHF is not the guy up on the sail who is looking at you through binoculars. He's navigating, telling the enlisted phone talker on the sound powered phone what to tell the guys who are driving the thing. Orders are being given, repeated, and then acted upon. Updates to course, speed, material condition, process checklists, and plant alignment are being relayed. Port Control is talking to the boat over a secure net you can't hear. Nobody driving the boat can see. They are sitting in a windowless room holding controls that stick out of a control panel. Nowhere in that process is a guy sitting next to the VHF waiting to have a conversation.

Can you imagine running a billion dollar boat aground? Can you imagine running over another vessel?

Inquiry: "What was happening at the time, Captain?"

- "Uhhh. The Radioman was talking to someone on the VHF and the order from the Conn to change course/speed was not heard."

Inquiry: "So, Captain. You knew had "x" payload, in a billion dollar boat, in restricted navigation, on the surface... and you broke protocol?"

- "Uhhh. I didn't want to be rude."

There's just too much at stake on that boat to give a flying $### about being nice on the radio.

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