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Re: tradgedy in St Marys, GA

First....Learn to take a joke. Cobb county GA actually tried to put Bible Creation myths in there school curriculum and Stone Mountain is the beating heart of the KKK so they deserve a little picking on don't you think. And if the Previous Posters don't want to spend there money in an anti-boating enviroment then I will support there decision.
According to another post on this fine forum staying longer than 30 days on the hook is illegal in GA.

Second this couple and the boyfriend brought the misery upon themselves.

I know its easier not to take responsibility.

When kids pick up guns and start shooting up schools its as much the fault of the bullies that created the shooters and the teachers for turning a blind eye and the parents of the concerned for not paying attention and the other students for not reporting the bullying. There are no innocents.

She most likely told her lawyer to go after the boat in the divorce to hurt him.
I mean the only photo of the husband that was in the paper showed him on the boat.
IF assets were the issue then sell it and put the cash in the pot right?
She knew he was off the deep end right as there was a restraining order.
So she hangs on the boat with the boyfriend. I am sorry they all died but they brought it upon themselves.

And in the words of Forrest Gump "That's all I have to say about that"
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