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Re: tradgedy in St Marys, GA

Apologize? Sorry can't do that. Racist Drivel? I don't belong to the KKK.
I might agree to their right to exist on constitutional grounds but I don't like anything about them or any hate mongering group.

The women went after the guys boat in the divorce.
The paper said that boating was his thing.
She went after it to hurt him probably.
I have seen enough Divorces to guess that was true.
Does that justify Him killing her. No of course not.
But she is not an innocent. All actions have reactions.

You guys are not chess players I guess.

Listen if I walk down a dark alley late at night alone with a fancy watch and a gold chain on and I get mugged. Am I a Victim? Sure. Am I innocent? No. Being a victim does not absolve stupidity. I am responsible for my own actions and the entire chain of events it unleashs.

You may not agree with me. You might be one of those that cries "Poor me" at every turn.
Maybe you are one of those that always finds blame on someone else for what happens to you.
That's fine. You can do that if you wish. But be aware that Cause and Effect don't care what you think.

IF your out sailing and the mast falls off your boats that is not an Act of God. You are at fault. You didn't maintain your boat. Cause and Effect.

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