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Re: Knapps Narrows Incident - Post Mortem

Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
One way, requiring only one line, that someone mentioned in a previous thread may have worked: nose up with a bow spring already on the bow cleat, a loop on the bitter end with length about half the boat's length.
I’d caution against EVER using a spring line from a bow cleat on anything other than a twin-screw powerboat, I’ve never known that to accomplish anything but pulling the bow of a sailboat into the dock very sharply. In the situation the OP described, with a following current, that only would have exacerbated the loss of control and difficulty of keeping the boat parallel to the dock…

In general, I don’t even like the practice of handing off the bow line first to someone on the dock when coming along a face dock, in any situation other than in the most placid conditions… So often, the first thing they will do with it, is pull the bow in towards the dock in an effort to “assist”, which of course usually turns out to accomplish the opposite… Far better and safer in most cases to have a spring line from a midship cleat be the first line made fast to the dock…

One of my biggest pet peeves about most production boats, is the typically poor placement of midship cleats. Invariably, they are placed too far forward for effective use of springing the boat into the dock, and tend to pull the bow in instead when the spring line is snatched up. On most boats, the best placement will usually be back in the vicinity of Station 6 or 7, and sailors would do well to figure out the point at which leading a spring aft from will keep the boat straight/parallel to the dock when easing forward on it. Then, the placement of an additional chock, or snatch block or similar, should be employed to lead the spring line from there…

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