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Re: Trailering a Pacific Seacraft 34

Originally Posted by Squidd View Post
Go for it...

Just don't tip it over on the highway...and watch out for falling asteroids and space junk....

and Pot holes , Nails or anything else that causes a blow out. The guy in front of you that slams the brakes etc etc etc.

But if you find a million in insurance and permits cheap in your area then why not?


Length: 53’ or 57’6” with permit
Width: 8’6”
Height: 13’6”
Overhang: 3’ front or rear

14-26.007 Liability of Permittee.
Permits are granted with the specific understanding that the permittee shall be responsible and liable for any damage to state roadways and structures. The permittee shall hold blameless and harmless and shall indemnify the State of Florida, Department of Transportation and members thereof, its officers, agents and employees against any and all claims, demands, loss, injury, damage, actions and costs of actions whatsoever, which they or any of them may sustain by reason of any and all acts of omission or commission arising in any manner out of the issuance of the permit or the operation of the vehicle, load, or escort and load.
(1) In order to obtain a permit to operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles and load in excess of the legal height, length, width, or weight limitations of Section 316.515 or 316.535, F.S., the permittee will be required to have one of the following:
(a) Insurance in the amount of $100,000 per person and $200,000 per accident or occurrence for property damage; or.
(b) A bond in the amount of $100,000 per person and $200,000 per accident or occurrence made payable to State of Florida.
(2) Permittees obtaining and operating a commercial motor vehicle ....

For florida above.....

You can get a cheap yearly permit for up to 10 foot wide day time
towing and I never heard of anyone actually getting a ticket because the DOT only deals with commercial and the cops usually are not versed in the law here and think its the DOT's problem.

You will have to check for power lines and bridges if u are over 13' 6"

Check with the two states you are going through for their rules.

Check your boat insurance , car insurance and house insurance for limits.
But if don't have a permit and your insurance doesn't pay then its on you.

Good Luck

Squidd is that old pieces of wood pallets ur using on that trailer for bracing????

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