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Re: Need helping pondering the idea of a job

while I admire your tenacity there is ALOT of aspects.

1. You mentioned a barge. You will need to be a certified captain if you plan on pushing that thing anywhere.
2. Diving. In my area marinas and companies are requiring commercial divers for work as their insurance will no longer cover scuba divers
3. Insurance. My policy for all my diving, Ship husbandry, dock and bulkheading, salvage and moorings is around 35k a year.
4. Insurance. My insurance company only insures surface supplied hard hat
5. Insurance. There are only 3 companies i know of in the US that covers commercial divers
6. Moorings. You are gonna need to be able to lift and move those moorings. You might be able to get away using lift bags ( which can and have killed divers ) for the lighter stuff. But get some of the 2500 lbs that I have lifted and now your talking a crane and operator.
7. Diving again. Alot of divers have been killed by become fouled and running out of air. I suggest if you want to dive as a career become commercially certfied and avoid scuba unless you only plan on doing hull cleanings.

Moorings are simple yet complex. The right size and payout of mooring chain is essential, as are shackles and shackle mousings with proper bridals. Be prepared to be on the chopping block when something goes wrong with that mooring and a boat breaks free. Your fault or not, YOU were the one hired to ensure it was safe so you will need to prove your work by means of recorded video feed. Every job I do I record and save it on an external hard drive. You never know when someone will point the finger at you and you need to be able to stand your ground and back up your work.
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