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Re: Cell phone usage for USA and "maybe" Caribbean

"I'll never understand why our companies think it is okay to use different standards than the rest of the world which puts consumers at a disadvantage."
Maybe you've heard the old Lily Tomlin routine about the telephone company? Punch line, "Because we're the telephone company and we don't give a damn."

The US actually invented and deployed cellular as a private corporate offering before the rest of the world. Yes, US technology. So they did what they pleased without a lot of advance planning. While the rest of the world chose different standards in different areas but some type of regulators or planners were involved before there was any deployment.

In the US, we've had several chances to catch up with that and several replacements of the technologies, but "open market" has been allowed to make captive customers. Is it scandalous? I don't know but suggest it should be called that, or worse. My cellco tells me that my cell phone needs to cost $600 unless it is "subsidized" down to $200. But I see tablets with bigger more expensive screens, etc. selling for the same $200, UNsubsidized. And if I don't replace my phone, somehow, I don't get allowed to stop subsidizing it either. Hmmm....When someone tries the same story with a little table and three-card-monte, the cops chase 'em away.
Buy an unlocked standard phone, either from a pay-as-you-go carrier or used, and then use it with whoever you please. Apple can be attractive, but I try not to patronize companies that insist I need a nanny.
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