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Re: I'm Done

Originally Posted by SJ34 View Post
I also don't really understand what people expect and are not receiving from SN that causes such disillusionment that they need to give these middle finger farewells.

Sea Hunter did hit on a good point though, how is it some folks accumulate double digit rep points and someone like Bob Perry has 2. The World Wide Inter-web is a bit lob-sided.
SJ ... The rep points thing has become largely redundant since the advent of the "like" era. However, rep points are to some extent related to time served which is why its conceivable for someone like SeaHunter to have 13 (since 2000) but not a lot of posts. I'm not saying he didn't earn some of them but time does have a lot to do with it also.

Now in general (and not specifically direccted at your post SJ) we all should accept that every time or at least almost every time someone either quits completely or simply stops posting that the site itself is diminished. I've not had a lot to do with SeaHunter as such but I have with others who are no longer here and quite frankly have enjoyed our exchanges so obviously I regret their passing. This covers any and all dpeartures since I joined in 2006.

That said it is simply a fact of life that there will be personality clashes and that those clashes may result in someone(s) leaving. It happens. It is unavoidable. We , as moderators, cannot simply go around banning people cos they happen to get up someone else's nose.

As to moving this to Off Topic .... personally I'm not sure but only because in Off Topic lots of you won't see it. Otoh, I acknowledge it has absolutely nothing to do with sailing so it probably doesn't belong here either. So we'll move it for now to Announcements and Suggestions. If any of you are overly narked about that then send me a PM. I dare say I'm on a hiding to nothing whatever I do but its possibly better than sending it to the sewer.

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