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1977 Catalac 9m - will I die?

1977 Catalac Catamaran Sail Boat For Sale -

More picture in link.

The guy is asking $39 CAD right now, though he's apparently 80 some years old so I suspect he's willing to budge, especially as he lives on the island, but to sell it he's paying for a broker, paid to move the boat to Vancouver (city) and is paying moorage.

I took a look today. Some of it seems rough. The hull itself seems to be in acceptable condition. The ribs on the bottom of the bridgedeck seem to have been repaired (all of them) suggesting that the boat suffered some cracking at some point. This was apparently common in the stock Catalacs due to low clearance and the weak airex ribs. I don't know if they were replaced with some other material or not. All I know is there's clearly newer glass over all the ribs. The hull seems thin above water, but super solid below. Everything was bone dry inside. The only thru-hull I could find was in the head and it seemed like it should be replaced. Was corroded pretty bad and I gave it a little shake which didn't inspire a lot of confidence. That said however, it's a cat. I'm not too worried about that one thru-hull failing immediately as at least I won't sink.
The head looks to have been redone (poorly) long ago. The floor seemed very weak to the point I wasn't sure about putting my full weight on it. Heaps of space though to build something better, and 6'5" headroom (everywhere in either hull). The sink foot pump worked fine, though I didn't have time to figure out where the water goes .

The headliner was falling apart all over. Stuck a hand up there and it just seemed real old. Didn't seem like water intrusion. Probably condensation on a 40 yo boat? Either way, i'm not concerned so long as it's not structural.
The settee roof seems a bit low. I can't sit up in it. Wondering if anyone knows if it can be cut out entirely as the pilothouse roof is another 2' up, which'd give me lots of room.

Both engines looked to be in decent condition. One original, and one was replaced at 500mi back in 1984. Engines have 2100 and 2600 h respectively. Didn't have time to hear them run, but the broker said we'll fire them up and take it for a spin if I'm interested.

The electrical looks like it was done by a farmer, on a farmer budget. As there's tonne of room, I don't think the electrical would be a big job. Everything is under the headliner which would come out anyhow.

Rudders seemed .... not stock, but very sturdy. Glass and steel. Don't know enough about it to know if they're rudders or airplanes :/.

Propane stove/oven, and electric icebox in the aft/port side (on the floor). The aft-port cabin has been converted to storage and electrical. The aft-starboard has the weird head.

Interior is pretty clean. No oil in the engine compartments. Aluminum diesel and water tanks. No idea on holding tank. Looks like a chemical toilet, but has a big valve on it that looks to go to another thru-hull.

Mast seems solid, step looks good, no cracking paint on the step. Mast was just put back up as the boat was trucked from Port Alberni to Nanaimo, then motored to Vancouver. Rigging has not been properly tightened. Rigging "shackles?" mostly look good. One needs to be sealed properly, but sounding on deck sounded good.

The deck has a few little cracks in the paint/awlgrip. Again, sounding didn't sound bad, but there were a few spots I'd be a little worried about. There are a few small patches here and there, and the new little cracks all look very recent.

On my way out of the marina, one of the residents (floathome community) approached us (me and the broker) to bitch about the boat owner crashing into every house in the marina while trying to park (strong current).

Furling main and gib. Both look to be acceptable but I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Looking for something for liveaboard. What's everyone think?
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