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Re: WOW...another crazy law suit

"The ground prong was differently shaped[...and] irregularly shaped." What!!!???? How did that happen? Who knew?

I plug in electrical stuff by feel all the time. It's exciting...especially when you can hold onto some metal that is attached by a low resistance path to EARTH!!

You know the charter company is lucky because they chartered this boat to someone who in this case certainly demonstrated that he didn't know dick about boats/electricity and they took a real chance on losing the boat with this guy.

Shake your head in amazement at the charterer but don't give the company a free pass. The company has a responsibility to make sure the charterer has a basic level of skill and experience and judgement.

I know...I know...there is a basic level of knowledge that enables one to get through the day without hurting himself or others and the company can't check out charterers on everything. At some point you have to assume that the charterer is standing there alive so you give him some credit for a basic level of intelligence. It's up to their lawyers to convince a judge and jury that this guy's mistake was below that threshold of expectations. Wouldn't have any trouble convincing me...

On the other hand I may be giving some people the benefit of the doubt. I mean...have you read some of those postings in the politics/government/religion thread?
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